Visit to NBC10!

Today I went to the 10 show as Lu Ann’s guest. I scheduled an appointment with her to do my assignment for professional development, which was to do an information-gathering interview with someone who has a job in the field of communication. After the recording of the show was over she took me backstage and gave me a little tour of the building as well as introduced me to the 10! show production team. I got to see the studio as well as the newsroom where they put together the news that comes in.

Some helpful tips:

  • Know how to use social media effectively
  • Be proficient in multiple medium (audio, video, print etc…)
  • Be able to think quickly on your feet
  • Be prepared to work as a “one-man-band”
  • Love what you do and don’t whine
  • It’s always good to start out in a small market
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