‘Common Place’ photo gallery

I got an opportunity to go to the opening of “Common Place,” a gallery by Kenneth Kauffman, in the Grace and Joseph Gorevin Fine Arts Gallery on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library on Thursday, Oct 21. Then yestersday I got to sit down with Ken Kauffman for an interview for the Loquitur.

Kauffman exhibits his work through the use of digital and film photography focusing on people in their natural environment.

“Beauty, humor, irony, human emotion and character can all be found in my work ‘Common Place,’” Kauffman said.

The gallery will be on display until Sunday, Nov 21.

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WPVI – Channel 6 Action News

I went to the Broadcast Pioneers Symposium at Action News’ studio on City Line Ave. The pannel was held fom 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as well as a tour of the stations different departments.

Walter Perez and Melissa Magee were among the pannel members. They shared their experiences in the field and talked about how they entered in the broadcast business. Each pannel member talked a bit about their jobs and what you need to do to make it in the business. It was a very insightful event.


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NBC10 wake up call

Today I was with the video production crew  in the Cabrini College video lab filming the wake up call. We did a group shot at first and then individual shots for anyone who was interested. Mostly everyone did the single shot. The entire video production crew didn’t  show up surprisingly so it was a small group.

I did both, because I feel it is good exposure. I’m not surprised that I did a really good job, especially for the solo shot.

NBC10  news should be airing the wake up call in the next couple of weeks, So tune into see us on the morning news. I can’t wait for the footage to air on TV.

Kristen Catalanotto & I in the Video studio

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College life

I am a junior communication major at Cabrini College. I just transfered over this semester so I’m still getting used to the surroundings.

I am currently a staff writer for The Loquitur, Cabrini’s award winning newspaper. Writing for the newspaper is definately a challenge. I have to write one article per week, due every Wednesday by 8 pm. It is unlike any thing I am used to. The writing style is completely different from what I learned in all my english classes. I feel I am getting better at it each week.  The section editors assign a story each week usually on a monday night.

I am currently writing for the features section. My first article on the muslim community center proposal made its way into the school paper which I am very proud of. Right now I am working on piece for iPhone v. droid.

For my video productions class we are working on our first production in class which is an interview. I will be directing my segment on Wednesday.

I can’t belive it is already the fifth week of classes. This semester seems to be going by so quickly.

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My first post

I remember thinking this time last year what I was going to do with my life. Everything just seemed to go wrong and fall apart. I remember thinking to myself where will it end.

Then when I got my acceptence letter to Cabrini College I though to myself, finally it’s about time I made some changes in my life. It was time I follwed my dream rather than doing what others wanted me to do. I was especially glad when everyone at work went all crazy about the news of me getting into college to complete my education.  It was an amazing feeling for me to experience the love and happiness they all showed towards me.

I can’t belive it has already been a month since classes started. So far things are going good for me and I really hope everything just goes smoothly for the next two years. Life as a communication major is very hectic. Majority of my time is spent doing something for class such as meeting with people to do interviews or anything of that sort. However, reguardless of that I love it so far. Most of the work I do  fun and at the same time I am learning something. Also, as a newsreporter I get to meet and mingle with all differnt kinds of people which is really great.

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