My first post

I remember thinking this time last year what I was going to do with my life. Everything just seemed to go wrong and fall apart. I remember thinking to myself where will it end.

Then when I got my acceptence letter to Cabrini College I though to myself, finally it’s about time I made some changes in my life. It was time I follwed my dream rather than doing what others wanted me to do. I was especially glad when everyone at work went all crazy about the news of me getting into college to complete my education.  It was an amazing feeling for me to experience the love and happiness they all showed towards me.

I can’t belive it has already been a month since classes started. So far things are going good for me and I really hope everything just goes smoothly for the next two years. Life as a communication major is very hectic. Majority of my time is spent doing something for class such as meeting with people to do interviews or anything of that sort. However, reguardless of that I love it so far. Most of the work I do  fun and at the same time I am learning something. Also, as a newsreporter I get to meet and mingle with all differnt kinds of people which is really great.

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