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Today at my internship, I had the opportunity to take part in a mini intern news cast. We were paired in groups of two to read an already prepared script from the prompter while sitting at the news desk. Doing the newscast gave me a real sense of what it takes to sit behind the chair. It’s one thing to see it being done, but actually sitting behind the desk and reporting, you get a real sense of the responsibility of the job.

Some of the things I learned while doing the newscast was that, you have to be seated according to the markers so that if there are any graphics that needs to go over the shoulder, they can insert that. Also, you have to be very attentive and alert and look at the correct camera and prompter. Also, I learned that you have to look at the prompter the entire time even though you have a hard copy of the script in front of you. You have to not only look at the prompter but also pay attention to the floor director so you can get the right cues and know when to speak and which camera to look at.

I learned that even if you mess up you have to keep reading and continue on as if there was no mistake because there is no do-over while you are live on the air.

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