Help the homeless

Today, I had the opportunity to go to a homeless shelter to do an interview for the Loquitur. I have to say, seeing the condition in which these people have to live makes me very glad for my life.

Shelters have very limited resources available and they need help from different organizations to keep it running smoothly. Not only that, a large group of people have to share a limited amount of space each day.

We all complain of not getting our way majority of the time and don’t ever stop to think of the people  who don’t have the luxuries we have. It is really great that there are shelters available for people to go to and that those in need have a safe house. My question is, what are you doing to help?

Coordinated Outreach Homeless Center, a shelter located in Norristown, PA, serves 60 to 65 people, that’s 180 meals per day. CHOC has 50 beds available in the shelter, they have outreach programs and they help people transition into homes, among other programs.

Cabrini’s dining services and Men’s Lacrosse team are holding a food drive that runs untill Nov. 15 for CHOC in preparation for the holidays and I urge everyone to take part in this food drive and donate non-perishable food for a great cause.

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