Dropbox: Great for backing up files

Do you constantly email assignments to yourself? Are you always looking to see where you put your thumb drive (USB flash drive)? If so,then the answer is Dropbox.

I have been using dropbox since August to save all my important files, especially if i need to view it in multiple location. I find however, most people don’t know about this site. If you ask me, every college student especially should have a dropbox, it’s easy and convenient.

Dropbox can be used instead of a thumb drive or as a great source for back up system rather than spending a lot of money on an external hard drive. It’s free to get an account in dropbox and you can download it onto your computer as well as to your smartphone to sync files. Everything saved in the folder is also available on the dropbox website.

After signing up for dropbox, you can get additional free space up to 8GB by getting friends to sign up as well and for every 1 referral you get 250MB of bonus free space.

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