College life

I am a junior communication major at Cabrini College. I just transfered over this semester so I’m still getting used to the surroundings.

I am currently a staff writer for The Loquitur, Cabrini’s award winning newspaper. Writing for the newspaper is definately a challenge. I have to write one article per week, due every Wednesday by 8 pm. It is unlike any thing I am used to. The writing style is completely different from what I learned in all my english classes. I feel I am getting better at it each week.  The section editors assign a story each week usually on a monday night.

I am currently writing for the features section. My first article on the muslim community center proposal made its way into the school paper which I am very proud of. Right now I am working on piece for iPhone v. droid.

For my video productions class we are working on our first production in class which is an interview. I will be directing my segment on Wednesday.

I can’t belive it is already the fifth week of classes. This semester seems to be going by so quickly.

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