Audience logging

One thing I learned this week at my internship is the importance of keeping track of audience booking. I learned how important it is to input the information on the rundown and more specifically where on the rundown this information goes. There is a “holds” section of the rundown where information for future shows go in and audience information is one of the additions that gets placed there. This is how the ¬†producers and the floor director keeps track of the number of audience there are each day. This information gives them an idea of whether or not to book more people to be in the live audience. It also gives them an idea of how many items they need for giveaways.

I learned how to create a new story to add this information in the rundown if this section isn’t already there. I also learned the format that is used to input the information and how to properly name the section on the rundown so that it is easily identified. I learned how important it is to update this list daily and how important it is to email the list to everyone on the production team at the end of each day. I also learned that additional information that goes on the audience info in the rundown include, whether or not a particular day is booked for some specific reason and if there is a big group of people coming then I have to include in the rundown the number of people coming in a group, where they are coming from and how they are getting there so that there is no confusion.

I also learned a few tricks to doing the host cards. Although there is no right or wrong way to do this, the line producer showed me a few of her  tricks. Usually one page of notes go on a card but some of the notes, if they are for the same segment and if the host will be reading it one one after the other, can go on the same card. in this instance, the segment number and name only needs to be available from the first page. The producer showed me her way of pasting them on the card so that if need be more info can go on the same card.

My project for the next few weeks is to work with the talent coordinator who is also in charge of social media to slightly revamp the Facebook page and to help bring more followers to the Facebook page.

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