Day 1: The start at NBC10′s The 10! show

So today was my first day as an intern at NBC10. Last night I couldn’t sleep much thinking about the internship and what it would be like. When I woke up this morning, those nerves still seem to have stayed with me until I got to the station sitting and waiting for this new adventure to start.

Everyone at the station is really nice. On my first day one of the employees who signed me in took me up to the floor and gave me a quick tour. She works for the 10! show, the department I will be interning for with two other girls. Everybody at NBC10 is really polite and helpful.  I also met with my supervisor who gave a brief introduction and put me with another intern to learn the ropes from.  Another person I saw was Bill Henley who came to welcome me aboard, he recognized me the minute he saw me.

I was mainly observing today since It was my first day as an intern. I didn’t go through the formal orientation all the other inters had to do.

Around 9 O’ clock the other interns and I went to the kitchen and put in a pot of coffee to brew and, no I don’t bring coffee to anyone, then the green room to make sure everything is tidy. We then had to go to the back enterance to greet an assistant to one of the guests ogn the show for the day and brought up the items she would be using for her demonstration. After that one of the interns went to check-in the audiences while other intern and I went to greet the audience and the security pitched the idea, “let’s have the newbie announce the show.” Everyone in the control room loved the idea so then I went backstage with my script to practice a few times.

After all the audience were seated, my supervisor explained what to do. We did a rehearsal first and then after the teasers were recorded it was my time to shine in front of the camera. After announcing the show, I went backstage and one of the interns told me I was born for the camera.  After the taping of the show then we got into the more nitty-gritty part of the day.

Needless to say, just from one day of being  at NBC10 I feel I like I learned a lot just by observing. My brain was on an information overload today, but I still enjoyed every minute of it and Can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

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